Integrated modeling of sea-state forecasts for safe navigation near and inside ports: the Accu-Waves platform

AUTh, NTUA and MarineTraffic partners of the Accu-Waves project have 
published a new conference paper at the 31st ISOPE Online Conference 
2021 proceedings. The presentation was given by AUTh representatives 
and referred to the overall setup of the Accu-Waves tool and the 
achievements of the project so far. ISOPE2021 conference was held 
virtually on 20-25 June 2021 due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. A 
link to the paper can be found here:

This paper presents a novel initiative for reliable high-resolution 
forecasts on prevailing sea states at 50 important ports worldwide 
(Accu-Waves; http://localhost/accuwaves/). Its goal is to support safe 
navigation, unhampered vessel approaching busy harboured areas, and 
secure ship manoeuvring in ports. Accu-Waves is based on integrated, 
high-resolution, ocean and coastal modelling that uses data from 
global-scale, open-sea forecasts as boundary conditions. The models’ 
setup, coupling, nesting, calibration, verification, and application 
are reported herein, concerning areas near and inside globally 
significant port basins. Thus, we present the automated operational 
setup of the Accu-Waves service for three-day forecasts at 
three-hourly intervals.

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