Publication in Oceans2020: A Big Data framework for Modelling and Simulating high-resolution hydrodynamic models in sea harbours

Our partners from MarineTraffic presented the latest developments about the accu-waves tool in the OCEANS 2020 maritime industry expo and conference that was held virtually in October 2020 due to covid-19 travel restrictions. OCEANS proceedings magazine are distributed to all event participants.


The ability to reliably forecast sea states (most importantly sea level, wind and wave conditions) within or close to the entrance of ports is a critical tool for all involved stakeholders. In this paper, we present our work on a prototype decision support system capable of providing accurate sea state forecasts based on three high-resolution hydrodynamic models, i.e. a spectral wave model (model A), a mild-slope equation wave model (model B) and a barotropic hydrodynamic circulation model (model H). We present an end to end novel data processing pipeline, capable of handling the challenges posed by the volume of related data and capable of providing high resolution wave forecasts by exploiting parallelization.

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